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Blog: Happenings at Inscripts

CometChat: 5 Things that Make Telemedicine Providers Successful

It won’t be long before telemedicine becomes a mainstream form of medical practice, yet there are a few roadblocks laid out before you as a business owner can truly find a strong following in your niche. After learning the ropes … Continue reading

CometChat: 4 Ways To Develop a Marketplace Platform & How To Choose the Best

In today’s e-business environment the emphasis on attracting and retaining customers has become the key to business growth. When a prospective customer searches online for a product or service, the emphasis is on providing all possible products or service in … Continue reading

CometChat: Best Black Friday SaaS deals 2018

The most awaited time of the year has come – holidays and discounts! Black Friday is one-holiday discount which you cannot afford to miss. It is the perfect opportunity to invest in useful products, tools, plugins, themes and literally EVERYTHING! … Continue reading

CometChat: CometChat’s Black Friday 2018 Sale is now live

It’s HERE.. that wonderful time of the year again..holidays, fun family dinners and of course a crazy discount season! Just like every year, we’re more than excited to roll out our Black Friday 2018 sale. Black Friday is this once-in-a-year … Continue reading

CometChat: 3 Ways to use Real-Time Messaging to Optimize Marketplace User Experience.

One of the biggest challenges that marketplace operators face today is to facilitate a transaction from start to finish. In retail trade, a user can just click a button to make a purchase. However, in the marketplace platform, users need … Continue reading