SparkChat: Secure on-demand chat messenger for teams

SparkChat is a mobile chat application for teams and groups that makes communication on-the-go easy and secure. Communication privacy and security are major concerns over any communication channel. What if there was a way around that and you could control the communication channel that is provided to your users.

SparkChat is a secure and safe mobile chat application that enables teams, groups and members communicate and plan out things better. SparkChat aims at taking mobile chat application to the next generation.

Using the SparkChat application not just ensures security but also lets you have conversations in one-on-one, group chat and public chatrooms giving chat application users the leeway to communicate as per their convenience. This application is available in Android and iOS.

Features that makes SparkChat a must for every enterprise and organisation include:

– Users can interact in groups and make the most of the group interactions
– Chatroom lets users have more subject specific topics.
– With the self hosted option, security is not an issue.

One-on-One Chat

Have endless conversations with our private chat.


Let your users join the chatrooms to have more ‘topic-specific’ conversations or discussions such as: John’s party, a project or a trek plan.

Group Chat

Chat in groups and let each group member have a say in the conversation.


Secure on-demand chat messenger for teams – now on your servers.

Would you like to have private conversations with friends or join groups?

SparkChat – Secure conversations for teams and individuals.