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CometChat: Top 5 WordPress Plugins for Healthcare Websites

WordPress is a highly customizable website platform. The platform is highly extensible, allowing you to improve functionality and feature of your website. The best thing about WordPress is the availability of multiple plugins that allow you to improve website functionality … Continue reading

CometChat: Chatbots and their role in Conversational Commerce

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CometChat: Top Chat Use Cases for Marketplace Websites and Apps

With the bigshots like Amazon and eBay prevailing over the market, it’s a tough time for marketplaces to prove themselves and I think everyone would agree with the fact that technology is proving to be the key differentiator in this … Continue reading

CometChat: Top 5 Ways to Increase User Engagement on Your Website Using CometChat

Even the biggest publishers struggle to compete for audience attention. Do you know why? As a marketer, you have only a few seconds to capture the attention of the website visitor with engaging content. Unfortunately, providing good customer service is … Continue reading

CometChat: Top 4 Techniques to Monetize your Website and App using CometChat

Having a popular website with large number of visitors and the ability to generate revenue through them are two different ball games!! Different ads and their respective placement, layout, and content are some of the important factors that impact the … Continue reading