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Blog: Happenings at Inscripts

CometChat: Role Based Access & Brand New SDK Architecture in CometChat 6.7

CometChat’s latest version includes a new feature that lets you restrict CometChat for your certain user roles! Read on to learn more about what CometChat 6.7 has to offer. ““` ““`

CometChat: Top 5 WordPress Plugins to Increase User Engagement

It is not just about getting traffic; engaging your audience is also crucial for the success of a website. Website masters and digital marketers are always on a lookout for tools and strategies to engage genuine and qualified traffic and … Continue reading

CometChat: Celebrating 8 years of CometChat with a bang!

We turn 8 this Aug 8 2017 (8 on 8/8, hey! that’s catchy, no?). ““` ““`

CometChat: Top 5 PHP Plugins for Social Engine

Social Engine revolutionized the world – it granted users the ability to create personalized online communities. Additional plug-ins that vastly expand the functionality of Social Engine, enabling users to share music, host blogs, create online polls, use instant messaging services … Continue reading