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CometChat: Top 6 WordPress Plugins to Run a Successful Social Media Website

Social media is a critical part of a company’s digital marketing strategy. Running a social media website will allow you to reach thousands of online customers, making it the perfect strategy to connect with the online target market and boost … Continue reading

CometChat: Banking & FinTech Industries: Chat solution and Use cases

Disruption, a term given for a significant change that comes to industries as a result of technology. The internet, social media, education, smartphones, entertainment and beyond, have all changed considerably in the last decade, displaying how technology treads at an … Continue reading

CometChat: Top Chat Use Cases for Community & Social Media Websites and Apps

Online communities are now an integral part of many businesses and many large organisations already have communities. But what are they and what value they bring in? Let’s have a look Support Communities: Global biggies like ‘Apple’ have a support … Continue reading

CometChat: 5 Must-have Apps for Your SocialEngine Community Website

SocialEngine is an award winning platform for creating an engaging social networking website. The platform serves as a backend of more than 25,000 social media sites with over 5,000,000 users. With the online platform, you can easily build your own … Continue reading

CometChat: Top 5 Joomla Extensions for your Marketplace Website

Joomla has gained immense popularity in the eCommerce marketplace. The platform has robust features that allow business owners to target a large number of online audience and increase revenues. In order to get the most benefit from the platform, you … Continue reading