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Blog: Happenings at Inscripts

SellMojo in Mumbai Mirror

SellMojo was mentioned in Mumbai Mirror, the largest compact newspaper in the city of Mumbai. It throws light on how small-time businessmen on Facebook need to smoothen their act in online retail. SellMojo co-founder Nameet Potnis says, “Facebook marketing is … Continue reading

SellMojo in The Times Of India

SellMojo was recently mentioned in a very popular newspaper – The Times Of India. SellMojo helps small, medium and large businesses to install ‘buy’ button to retail via Facebook. SellMojo is a platform where you can set up your own … Continue reading

SellMojo in The Huffington Post

SellMojo now powers 700 merchants. SellMojo has been enabling merchants to make their commerce social and enable transaction across various platforms; their website and their Facebook page. SellMojo provides them opportunity to also introduce their products to their fans, right … Continue reading

SellMojo Marketplace

Featuring and getting written about has become a habit of sorts for SellMojo and the SellMojo team. SellMojo has been featured in three technology blogging journals and editorials. This time for the launch of the SellMojo Marketplace. The SellMojo Marketplace … Continue reading