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Blog: Happenings at Inscripts

Make it Big with SellMojo’s New Features

Get in touch with a bigger market and build your brand with SellMojo. Checkout our latest features and get started. 1. Say hello to the new Budget Plan We’re excited to announce that we will now be offering the choice … Continue reading

CometChat v5.4 – webRTC & Beyond!

We are proud to announce a new version of CometChat – v5.4! This new version introduces support for webRTC video chat and irons out bugs and browser compatibility issues, making it’s use smoother. WebRTC standardizes communications between browsers, enabling audio … Continue reading

Instant iPhone and Android Apps for your ecommerce website

Most e-commerce websites are seeing between 30–60% of traffic coming from mobile devices. However, there was a disconnect between mobile shopping conversion and the traffic that is generated. The reason being consumer adoption of mobile devices due to the unpleasant … Continue reading

CometChat v5.3 – Better than the best!

We are all set to make CometChat more robust this summer! CometChat is packed with sturdy features that will keep users hooked to your website. Billions of people use Facebook and are grooved to its appearance. With the look and … Continue reading

CometChat v5.2 – Stronger than ever!

We are happy to announce the release of a much stronger version of CometChat – version 5.2. The humongous list of features that we have added and enhanced has made CometChat more stable and reliable. The new Google Hangout-like theme, … Continue reading