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Blog: Happenings at Inscripts

CometChat: Top 10 Plug-ins for Monetizing Your Website

If you are looking around for ways to generate an income stream from your website, here are some of the best monetizing plug-ins to use. Adsense Adsense is one of the most widely used monetizing plug-ins. It’s not as comprehensive … Continue reading

CometChat: ‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly :)

2017! It’s time to bid goodbye to yet another awesome year. We’ve accomplished a lot this year- streamlined and consistent software updates, easy one-click updates, robust multi-platform chat SDKs and tons of new features. ““` ““`

CometChat: 5 Brilliant ideas to make money from your website

What did you start your website or blog for? Whatever the reason might have been back then, you will think about monetization sooner or later in an attempt to utilize your website to its maximum potential. So how do you … Continue reading

CometChat: Best Plugins to Make BuddyPress More Interactive

BuddyPress has made it convenient for businesses as well as individual users to add a social element to their WordPress sites and increase traffic, and user activity and engagement. With a wide range of plugins and integrations, you can create … Continue reading

CometChat: 6 Great SEO Extensions for Joomla

You have created a wonderful user-friendly, responsive Joomla website with beautiful graphics and smooth animations, and hosted it online. However, there is still one problem. You haven’t optimized the site for search engine. ““` ““`