CometChat: It’s chat and so much more

Need to add interactivity to your site/app? Look no further; CometChat is the definitive chat solution for your site/app which will help you grow your customer base exponentially, drastically increase the time spent by users and add hundreds of new features in a matter of minutes!

CometChat seamlessly integrates with your site. Your users will automatically be logged into CometChat the instant they login to your site. CometChat will show users’ friends in the Who’s Online list as well as integrate with user profiles and avatars.

Awesome features that make CometChat a must for every social networking, dating and forum site include:

– One-on-one and group chat
– Voice/video chat and screensharing
– Games, file transfer and real-time chat translation
– Mobile apps
– Desktop messenger

CometChat™ is a trademark of Inscripts (I) Pvt. Ltd.

Works everywhere.

CometChat works on all modern browsers. CometChat mobile webapp supports iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. CometChat desktop messenger runs on Windows and Mac.

Integrates seamlessly

CometChat can be integrated with virtually any website. CometChat is bundled with dozens of ready-to-use integrations for popular software like WordPress, vBulletin, Joomla etc.

Runs on any server

CometChat requires only PHP and mySQL (or MSSQL for ASP/.NET sites). No special hardware or software is required for any plugin. Voice/video chat works out-of-the-box too!

Highly scalable

CometService enables you to super-charge CometChat and keep load to an absolute minimum. Over 95% of the work is offloaded, keeping you and your server stress free.

“Inscripts has been a key partner for SocialGO, providing custom chat facilities for all our networks. They have created a fantastic product which our whole user base loves and it has become a key part of our offering.”
– Alex Halliday,

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