Chat for Enterprise & SaaS

Real-time chat increases user engagement on your site by 4x.

Our years of experience enables us to provide you with industrial strength chat solutions for websites, SaaS apps and intranets. We create custom solutions geared up specifically for your network.

We undertake custom plugin development and turbo-charge your chat solution with features like voice/video chat, screen sharing, remote control, whiteboard and many more.

Our solution can be hosted on your servers or you can leave the server management to us. We provide fully hosted solutions which integrate seamlessly with your product.

100% custom

We keep our core engine and customize chat exactly as per your needs. Need to connect to your own Jabber servers? Need a desktop app? No problem.


It’s your white-labelled solution; charge your customers or offer it along with your SaaS plans. It’s your choice.

Unlimited scaling

Our solutions scale like no one other. We support sites with over 100,000+ simultaneous chatters.


We analyse your existing infrastructure and suggest you with the best features to enhance your product.


Our solution is tailor-made for your intranet/product. It feels like a part of your solution and not a clunky separate third-party popout.


Our technology enables us to provide chat solutions for virtually any segment. With over 10,000+ customers using CometChat and over 10,00,000+ end-users, we have the know-how to make it work.

Need to add chat to your site/SaaS app?

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