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CometChat: How in-app messaging can help online real estate business

Just like any other industry, the dynamics of real estate business has changed too. The customers are different, the sellers are different, and even the real estate markets are different. Now, maybe you have created a website for your business, … Continue reading

CometChat: Debunking 9 Common Myths around Instant Messaging apps

As a business, your inbound and outbound communications might be suffering due to lack of efficient mediums, which would be negatively affecting your business. All this while, you might not have the slightest idea about it. This is because the … Continue reading

CometChat: Why in-app messaging and push notifications trump SMS marketing

Some businesses make the mistake of solely using SMSes to reach out to their audience despite having a platform of their own; thus, failing to create an engaged user experience that could build customer loyalty and multiply profits in the … Continue reading

CometChat: Top 4 Benefits of In-app Messaging for Your Business

The world of communication has shifted from snail-paced letters to cheetah-like-velocity chats. The number of people who are using chat and messaging has only gone up and will continue to do so in the future. These numbers from Statista clearly … Continue reading

CometChat: 5 Essential Chat SDK Features

Your primary product might be socks, paintings, a marketplace for handcrafted diaries, or customised crockery. Or you might only be offering non-tangible services with your super-qualified team. Now whether your business is service-oriented or product-oriented, you’ve realised the usefulness of … Continue reading