Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that corporations must reach out to society. This belief drives us to help communities, improve their living conditions, boost their quality of education, and enrich their healthcare through various community development programs.

We understand that improving efficiency in our operations and in our customers’ use of the services we offer is vital for success in the connected world. We set goals for our own carbon footprint and we work with our customers to help them make more sustainable choices.

We direct our strength to benefit society and we leverage our knowledge of IT to empower NGOs with the latest technology to achieve these goals.

If you run a non-profit company that needs help with IT — look no further. We provide low cost services to enable you to work efficiently and do what you do best – change the world.

Lighting up villages

In India, over 10,000+ villages are without electricity. More than a million Indians have never used electricity in their lives; millions more sleep in complete darkness. Inscripts has donated solar lamps to two villages near Morbe Dam (Raigarh District, Maharashtra); earlier, after sundown, they lived in complete darkness. Now, all houses in these two villages are electrically “powered” by Inscripts.

Providing technology

Inscripts is proud to be associated with ARMMAN. We are their technology backbone as a part of the Project HERO – helpline for ICU and blood bank availability in India and mMitra – a voice broadcasting system for maternal and infant health.

Are you an NGO? Need help with technology?

We are here! Let’s change the world.