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Blog: Happenings at Inscripts

CometChat: 3 Ways to Create a Social Platform at WordPress

WordPress has effectively maintained its supremacy as a comprehensive open source platform that offers its users a wide range of tools to design websites, create apps and develop, format and publish content. We all are well-versed with these core features … Continue reading

CometChat: 5 Essential WordPress Plugins for a Winning Content Marketing Strategy

Content essentially rules as the king for all types of marketing, advertising, and promotional strategies. However, when it comes to digital marketing, the significance of content increases multifold. A compelling content that is skillfully created keeping in view the attributes … Continue reading

CometChat: 5 Must Have WordPress Plugins for 2017

The WordPress Plugin market is thriving and there has been a huge influx of new and unique tools and plugins every other day. While all WordPress Plugins come with a unique feature attached, some innovative and advanced plugins stay in … Continue reading