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CometChat: 2019 Trends for In-app Messaging and Enterprise Messaging Apps

2018 was a landmark year for messaging platforms. They witnessed significant growth in the number of users all around the world. This was especially because emerging economies such as India and China made online messaging their primary mode of communication; … Continue reading

CometChat: Building Chat vs Using Third Party Service: Cost saving tricks you should know

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CometChat: 5 WordPress Blogs to Follow in 2019

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CometChat: How Chat API boosts the Engagement and Retention of Users

Instant messaging is a term that entered common usage during the 90s. The days of GTalk, Yahoo Messenger, Orkut, who can forget? But do you know that the actual concept of instant messaging dates back to the mid-1960s? The Compatible … Continue reading

CometChat: Looking for a Chat API? Here are some points to consider

With the information overload and increasingly hard to drive attention of users, the importance of making customers enter your sales funnel as soon as possible can’t be understated. Even when it comes to existing users, providing real-time support is of … Continue reading