Apptuse: Instantly create an iPhone and Android app for your website

The world is on the move. As the geographic distance between people is diminishing, people are finding new ways to reach out to one another.
In the previous decade, due to the arrival of internet, people did most of their business transactions online by using computers. But now, with the advent of smartphones all the above functions can be done with the “touch of a finger”.

Apptuse is one such product. Apptuse helps merchants/owners to reach their consumers through mobile app. Apptuse is focused on crafting elegant and native shopping apps for businesses and individuals.

Features that keep your customers glued are:

– Attractive display: High resolution, multiple images in a clean tile format makes the display attractive.
– No coding required
– Cross-platform application
– Easy navigation. Navigate through whichever tab you are on.
– Social connect and Social sharing
– Option of adding the products to the wish list.

User first design

Have a holistic view of your customers experience. We help you service your customer on the web, mobile and social media. As new channels develop across the web, social, mobile and beyond, only the individual remains unchanged. By helping you understand your customer, we help you make meaningful connections with your customers with the Apptuse e-commerce app for your store.

Platforms we run on

Get customers to buy no matter which platform they come from with both Android and iOS apps for your mobile store. When you cater to so many platforms, you are sure to get business and sales soaring.

Range of devices

Your app is compatible over multiple devices and can convert sales to business no matter where an app visitor comes from. Shoppers can use the your app and buy from various devices such as their phones, tablets and phablets.

Manage your App

Manage your Apptuse powered mobile app from the dashboard with a simple and hassle free log-in process. We make managing your mobile app a child’s play by letting you do everything from a single dashboard and it simply reflects on your app.

Need your own app for your online store?

Apptuse – Get millions of customers on mobile, on the go.